Our Office

Office Solutions office is a working space, a showroom and an engineering laboratory at the same time.
This is where we work, test office equipment solutions we offer, and give presentations for our clients and architects. Our office demonstrates various workplace options: individual and common, large meeting rooms for negotiations and mini-spaces for informal communications. Our office is constantly being reshaped and developing in line with the latest office trends. You can also see our partners’ most interesting new products.

Reception area

Reception area

In the reception area, our visitors can sit comfortably in Visalia (Coalesse) sofa and armchairs and spend productive time while waiting.

Working area

Рабочая зона

The working area in our office is an open space that features both free-standing workplaces and bench systems. They are designed for the employees’ regular work and enable the user to concentrate on their task and store necessary information and personal items.

Meeting room area

The main meeting room is designed for teamwork, meetings, and negotiations. There is a conference table 4.8(Steelcase), comfortable Think chairs (Steelcase) that don’t require individual adjustments, and H.System screen (Steelcase).


Special mini-spaces in the office that employees can use for private talks, individual work, or phone calls.

Space zoning

All the glass partitions in our office are produced by our partner — Italian brand Lafano — and illustrate the range of the company’s solutions. The company’s innovative technologies and state-of-the-art production equipment translate into high accuracy of manufacturing and outstanding quality of all Lafano products.