Wellbeing Thought Starters: Application Concepts

Informed by insights from our research, we’ve developed some settings that can be a catalyst for intentionally designing work environments that support the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of people at work.

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The Interconnected Workplace

In today’s interconnected world, the way we work is rapidly changing. Due to technology and global competition, business has become more complex, interdependent and volatile. This has direct influence on the workers and the workplace. In this context the workplace can be a strategic business tool, but only if it is designed to support the way people and organizations work today.

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It’s All In A Day’s Work

Lauren Renner represents much of what’s refreshing and new about business today.
At 26, she’s a part of Gen Y, the young people who are seemingly comfortable with all technology, eager to learn from everyone, ready and willing to collaborate with colleagues.

A financial analyst at Steelcase, her career exemplifies how much business has changed. Little more than a generation ago, women mostly held clerical positions. Today they hold over half – 51.5 percent – of management, professional and related occupations according to Catalyst, a nonprofit foundation that advocates for women in business.

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New working day (Coalesse)

Work has been freed. From offices. From telephone lines. From preconceptions about where it has to happen.

That trend is now a fact of life. Those workers are us. And Coalesse is an expression of that freedom – an award-winning brand of work furnishings in the rapidly growing category we call Crossover.

Crossover means homes and offices, meeting rooms and social spaces, private retreats and public places – the fluid intersections of work and life where boundaries are collapsing and creativity is roaming.

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