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Steelcase B-Free

B-Free is a full range of modular furniture elements for all workspaces. They aim to design multiple and easily reconfigurable settings. B-Free creates focal points where people can connect, collaborate and concentrate.

Steelcase B-Free


Benefits & features

  • B-Free allows people to concentrate, connect and collaborate throughout the day at different chosen moments. Users can work or relax, alone or as a group, according to their needs and moods.
  • As per a traditional workstation, B-Free offers efficient alternative workspaces with various features.
  • B-Free offers a convenient access to power, enabling users to recharge their technology devices.
  • It is designed to accommodate temporary storage of mobile worker belongings (bag drop and bag stand).
  • The transparent screen supports visual privacy and delimits boundaries in space.
  • B-Free cube is designed ergonomically to comfortably suit various postures. The top block provides good lumbar support, while the armrest shape follows the natural shape of arm.
  • B-Free integrates refined details with the introduction of wood legs and Seamless Edge tops in the material mix, for desks and high collaboration tables.
  • B-Free desks offer alternative workplaces for individual focus areas, fully equipped with ergonomics and worktools.
  • On selected finishes, B-Free offers Seamless Edge, which creates an elegant, durable and more sustainable edgeband solution.
  • The range is designed to be aesthetically consistent with 1+1 Welcome tools and Lights.



Different versions

  • B-Free tables available in standing height, either with wood or steel legs
  • Occasional tables available to complete cubes applications (table stool, coffee table, corner table)
  • B-Free desk available with wood legs in different length and width dimensions, vertical and horizontal top access options as well as panel options
  • Screens available in 2 sizes
  • Big cubes available with or without top block (in I and L-shape)
  • Small cubes available with or without castors (swivel version)
  • High Stools
  • Bag drop
  • Bag stand

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