M – Pul +

Аппаратно-студийный радиокомплекс M-Pul+

Company: M – Pul +
Total Area: 1000 m2
Number of working places: 100

M – Pul + is part of the “Gazprom-Media” holding. It is office where broadcasting is prepared is a unique broadcast-television complex utilizing the latest informational technologies.


Office Solutions had to develop an interesting and rich in color design considering specific character of the staff’s creative work which implied staying in the office till late evening or even throughout the night. Therefore it was necessary to make the office bright and at the same time cozy and comfortable so that a person could spend there long hours. But for all that the color gamut should not have been irritating for people. The budget was strictly fixed.

Ресепшн M-Pul+


Specific character of the staff’s creative work presumes the events which are to be told about. For this particular purpose the idea of the so called Corridor of Glory was suggested. Should a person only enter the office he finds himself in the corridor with the photos hanging on the walls and the music playing and he is immediately
inspired with the creative atmosphere of the company.

The company members quite often have to stay at work late. This required the walls of the office to be painted in calm, flatter colors (composition of soft aluminum grey and pastel shades). Bright splash was made on only one corridor wall. For this sunny yellow was chosen as a color which could “charge” the people working during night.

All these efforts resulted in the bright coloring which nevertheless coincided with the professional activity of the company and comfortable atmosphere for the people working in it.

As for the working places in the News Room zone we suggested that the MIKOMAX furniture should be used. It matched the office interior and did not exceed the budget.

For the audio recording studio we offered the STEELCASE wheelfree chairs on the steadfast base to make no noise during audio recording.

Рабочие места M-Pul+

«It would be desirable to express satisfaction results of cooperation with the company Office Solutions, and to recommend it is everyone who considers a question of creation of cozy, functional and ergonomic modern office»
Ilia Bass,
Administrative Director “M – Pul +