«Meatgroup» – is largest wholesale meat company, one of leaders of the Russian market of trade meat raw material deep frosts. «Meatgroup» dynamically developing company.

Ресепшн MeatGroup

«Meatgroup» has turned to «Office Solutions» with purpose to develop design and provide office with furniture, at stage of finishing work in front office. The main task consisted in creating working space which combined working atmosphere with home. Therefore the design of premise should be warm, light, cozy, and simultaneously prestigious, orient on a high level. Office area is small, not symmetric, with a lot of corners and acting elements. The main thing at this office is a great view from window to Moscow-river and quay. The primary goal was division of office space into two zones: the VIP zone consists of cabinets for heads of the company, and, the worker area including reception, workplaces for employees, meeting rooms, server and a zone of food intake.

Open space MeatGroup

The designer conditionally divided space on two parts, by means of furniture, color solutions and materials. The VIP zone consists of 3 cabinets united by general hall. Partitions between cabinets made from glass which if necessary can be curtained a palatine. Windows in this part of office looks on three side of building, therefore a lot of light gets into a premise, and glass partitions let thought light in depth of office. The view from window to Moscow-river strengthens the general perception of space. Illumination emphasizes zones a different degree of light intensity, that gives home atmosphere and make office cozy. Other zone includes the worker area, represents open space from 15 workplaces. Meeting room and a zone of food intake occupy uniform space. They are divided only with a partition. Consequently this space intend for conferences, meetings, interviews.

Vip зона MeatGroup

For working area we suggested the Tenaro desk and Let`sB work chair by Steelcase company. They are perfectly combined with office interior.

Vip зона MeatGroup

For VIP zone we offered: comfortable Please chair and Trigos desk by Steelcase for head offices and German furniture “COR” for meeting room.

Кабинет руководителя MeatGroup