Nokia is a Finnish multinational company, the world leader in the mobile communications technology, the leading supplier of equipment for mobile, fixed, broadband and IP-based networks.

Open space офиса Nokia

Office premises of the Nokia company takes a part of the 5th floor in the renovated “Voentorg” building. The office is planned taking into account the future growth of the number of employees, so 15% of the working space is reserved for development.

The design of the Moscow representative office was created by the same team of architects which designed the interiors of the company in Finland. Generally, all the offices of Nokia have common features. The interior and furniture is made in corporate color solutions – orange, green and blue are everywhere.

Большая переговорная

Previously, the employees of the Moscow office worked in individual offices, but in the new space it was decided to replace the separate work places with implemented system of open space. Moreover, company’s policy is very democratic, i.e. the hierarchy of the employees is not emphasized. It was decided to realize the concept of open space with the help of furniture, color and planning decisions.

Regulated colors for interiors are present everywhere – in flooring, shades of furniture and partitions color. Also the principle of zoning with lighting and multi-level ceilings was taken into account.


Much attention was paid to the emotional state of the employees, as it is difficult to adopt a system where a person has no certain fixed place. Neutralizing this transition was realized by specially equipped recreational and in-between zones. Abundance of areas for informal communication, not least dictated by aspiration to smoothen the negative effect from the switch to working in the open space. This type of space allows instant shift from individual work to the group and vice versa, giving everyone a chance to work both in a team and individually. In the office there is only one private room, but lots of colorful meeting rooms – the main one for 10 and 8 people, a training-room and an area for presentations.


Managers work in open space together with the entire team and on the same workstation (the work desk is Activa and the chair is Think, both by Steelcase). Also it was decided to reject such conventional part of workplace as a pedestal. In the Moscow office of the Nokia company a compromising solution was realized: at the ends of tables there were placed modular cabinets (Flex Box cabinets by Steelcase), which can be grown as the stuff number increases.


The Nokia office space supports its staff creating an ergonomic and feature-rich working environment. The space is used to express the corporate culture and enhance the motivation of the employees.