Company: Sanofi Aventis
Total area: 5000 m2
Number of workstations: 650

Lounge зона Sanofi

Company Today Sanofi is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world/ The company takes an active part in discussing and forming the policy directed at development of an open and modern pharmaceutical market.


The main objective of this project is to organize function of workspace that is able to support various work styles and the culture of the Sanofi Avensis company. The Work on the project was carried out in a project group uniting representatives of the client and our company. Analysis of the client’s work principles, as well as the main business processes contributed to the development of such new office zones for the client as face-to-face meeting room, green lounge zone, open space, in-between zone, phone room. It was important to pay attention to the detail provided by the client at the pre-project stage which helped us develop the standards of the office zone: open space, in-between, meeting room of 3 types (mobile, face-to-face and fixed). The major elements of the office space are the reception zone that reflects the energy of the company brand and the training center.

Рабочие места Sanofi


Reception. The Reception zone reflects the main mood of the Sanofi Avensis brand. This zone is visited by the clients of the company, the partners, as well as the employees of the regional representative offices. The Reception area is made according to a special blueprint and uses such materials as corean combined with painted glass and plastic. This zone is central for the whole office and starts the main block of meeting zones of the training center.
Training center. The Training center caters for 200 people. It includes a series of mobile meeting room, that can accommodate from 8 to 24 people, the central hall for 100 people, a large lounge zone, face-to-face meeting rooms, phone room and a coffee zone. To make the meeting rooms easy to use, it was decided to employ the reservation system called “room wizard” that was integrated into the IT system of the company. The furniture solution of the mobile meeting room zone allows for any configurations according different tasks – even during the negotiations, presentations, general meeting, and trainings. The Training centre is the place where the knowledge of the employees is formed. We also can’t leave out such an important non-material resource as employees who influence the business processes and the success of the company as a whole.

Lounge зона Sanofi

Open space. Work space allows for individual work as well as group work due the to in-between zones).A Peculiarity of the open space is how the document storage system is organize: flexbox cupboards were used to ensure quick access and mobility; cupboards produced by Lafanoutilized to provide achieve storage (LaFano).

Lounge .For the Lounge zones for informal communications there were used furniture solutions produced by our partners Cor and Tanon in soft pastel hues to create comfortable and cosy environment.

Green lounge зона Sanofi

Тренинг центр Sanofi

Зона переговоров Sanofi

Рабочие места Sanofi

Рабочие места Sanofi

Кофе-поинт Sanofi