Project solutions

  • Test Fit – test space layout solution for the new office
  • Detailed space layout based on analysis
  • Visualization of the concept of the future office
  • Partition system engineering
  • 2D plans and 3D rendering of proposals
  • Alterations to the existing office
  • Measuring the premises

We create ideas for a functional working environment and develop tools for increasing the efficiency of an existing office.


At the project solutions stage, we will show you:

  • Test Fit — a general layout that will help you to “try on” your new office. The service enables you to assess your new office’s possibilities, its capacity, usable floor area and potential number of workplaces.
  • Detailed layouts — space planning decisions based on the analysis of the company’s operations, communication systems, interactions between the staff, and jobs of individual employees. This kind of layout is a documented form of the office functional concept. It demonstrates all the characteristics of the future office space.
  • Office space devision service package: selection and engineering of stationary glass partitions.
  • 2D plans and 3D rendering of the project will help you to imagine the office in great detail. All the plans and rendering are stored in our archive. This allows us to make alterations to the office within 24 hours from the client’s request to create new zones and workplaces.