Consulting, working environment development

  • Working space use efficiency analysis
  • Workplace standards development
  • Working environment functional concept development

Would you hire an expert who is only able to perform one highly specialized task?

Your office can do much more, employ it for several tasks at once and it will become the source of success, and money spent on it – a profitable investment into the company development.


We will do for you:

  • Evaluate the prospective premises with due consideration of your company’s business specifics and development prospects. Precise calculation of the usable floor area needed, taking into account the number of employees, including long-term expectations.
  • Audit the use of the floor area and existing solutions (furniture, partitions) aimed to optimize the office and your employees’ comfort.
  • Create the functional concept of the new office. Developing the functional concept at the initial stage of the project enables you to work out project tasks correctly and to express them in the design specification for the following stages — project and tender. This approach makes it possible to identify the project requirements from the outset and to build the right task system for all the participants.
  • Evaluate and analyze the results.


Advantages of our approach

Working space and individual workplace planning has a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Finding the most suitable premises, taking into account the company’s development strategy.
  • Increasing office use efficiency through work zone planning.
  • Cutting down on the office space rental costs.
  • Staff loyalty, increase in levels of satisfaction with the working environment, decrease in illness.
  • Improving communication culture among the staff.
  • Promoting corporate culture values.
  • Increasing the company’s HR brand value on the labor market, attracting and retaining talented employees.