Relocation management

  • Complete range of relocation services
  • Relocation within an operating office
  • Ensure storage of office items
  • Move-in Day

Our relocation management services offer a well-organized, streamlined process that will allow you to complete the process of creating a new office with maximum comfort.


Office Solutions will help you

  • organize relocation without interrupting the company’s operations;
  • relocating in line with the prepared layouts to minimize mistakes;
  • disassemble and assemble the furniture;
  • arrange the packing of the office items (using our own materials), provide transportation and safe storage;
  • install furniture in the new office;
  • clean and remove the garbage.

All the property is insured for the period of relocation. The entire process is carried out by the Office Solutions team without subcontracting. All the operations are performed by our employees, who are fully informed about all the features and characteristics of our suppliers’ solutions, have worked with our customers for many years, and have a very careful and responsible attitude to their work.

Storage of office items —

will allow you to free some office space temporarily, to make alterations to a part of your office or to store items that you don’t need at the moment.

Our A-class warehouse complex is located near Moscow and has convenient car access routes. We have a professional security service; the territory is kept under round-the-clock video surveillance. All the items deposited for storage are insured.

Move-in Day —

is an event designed to relieve employees’ stress from relocation, create a festive mood, help the staff to familiarize themselves with the new place of work and get used to it quickly.

The Move-in Day involves a set of events and services:

  • presentation of the new office and its capacities to the staff;
  • presentation of the solutions and their functions;
  • opening ceremony and entertainment show (photo shoot, merchandise);
  • information booklets, videos, posters about the new office;
  • digital library of the materials on the new office, photos, layouts.