Car companies

  • solutions for representative offices and dealerships;
  • acoustic solutions for dealerships;
  • space zoning for offices and dealerships;
  • solutions for call centers;
  • developing and organizing personal workstations;
  • solutions for multifunctional communication areas;
  • solutions for training centers;
  • solutions for conference rooms, meeting rooms, and presentation halls.

The car market is one of the most dynamic and highly competitive markets in Russia and the CIS.

The keen between car brands and the industry’s developed service standards have a strong influence on the companies’ attitude to working space.

Implemented projects: Citroen, Ford Moscow, Ford-Volvo, Lexus, Mazda, Peugeot-Citroen, Rolf, Toyota

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Car companies are interested in creating multifunctional, flexible spaces. Besides, a lot of attention is paid to brand visual presence in the office space: colors, style, non-standard shapes and structures. Some offices carry out a full range of functions; others are concentrated on sales or administrative support. Dealerships with their vast open spaces require acoustic solutions, special designated zones for negotiations, for employees’ individual work and client reception areas.

Our solutions for car companies are based on our in-depth understanding of their work peculiarities and our experience in cooperation with such representative offices and large distribution centers as Ford Moscow, Citroen, Lexus, Rolf, and others.