Construction and development

  • solutions for representative offices;
  • office space zoning;
  • solutions for call centers;
  • private office and workstation development;
  • solutions for multifunctional communication areas;
  • solutions for meeting rooms, executive offices, libraries;

Working environments of construction and development companies are often similar in their organization and development strategies to offices of consulting or manufacturing companies. Here, it is particularly important to create spaces where an employee can easily switch from concentrated individual work to teamwork and meetings with clients. The companies in this sector often use their offices as presentation and image-building spaces for meetings with clients and investors.

Implemented projects: : ATK Management, Bechtel National Inc, CBSD (Prommebel + Ista), CMI, DS Development, Elbert, Hines, Ruukki

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A thorough approach, corporate image promotion, quality of materials and execution of solutions — all this has a fundamental role in cooperation with construction and development companies.

Here the organization of the working space in the industry is governed by the requirements of transparency, efficiency of investment and staff health concerns. For these companies, which are often public and need to be transparent for investors the corporate office can become an asset that has a direct influence on operating efficiency, which is positively perceived by both employees and project partners.

Our experience in Russia and the CIS, expertise and solutions of our strategic partners — Steelcase and Lafano in Europe and the US enable us to offer the best practices and high service standards to our clients.