• solutions for hotel business areas;
  • solutions for conference halls;
  • solutions for training centers;
  • solutions for multimedia centers and presentation auditoriums;
  • guestroom fit-out;
  • lobby and lounge area fit-out.

We offer solutions for two types of hotel construction:

  • organizing and equipping business areas;
  • fitting out standard hotel rooms.


Business areas

40% of all travelers travel for work. On a business trip, a person expects a hotel to be not only a place for rest, but also to provide elaborate working tools. For this reason, modern hotels are actively looking for various ways to meet all kinds of their customers’ needs. The main requirement to a business hotel, apart from a central location, is a combination of homey and cozy atmosphere and office features.
Conference halls that house not only negotiations, but also trainings, workshops, and other events. This should be a mobile space that is easy to transform for a particular purpose.

Public areas  — lobby and lounge. Lounge area features comfortable seats, tables of different height, good lighting, Wi-Fi, and a sufficient number of sockets.

Common areas for communication and negotiations, optimize to quickly prepare for and summarize the meeting.

A Hotel room today is not only a room for rest, but also a place where the guests work; therefore, it should be fit out conveniently: good lighting, flexible furniture, office chair and table — everything that makes up an efficient working area within a space for rest.

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