Industrial and manufacturing sector

  • solutions for working spaces of company headquarters;
  • solutions for factory management office areas;
  • solutions for meeting rooms, conference halls, executive offices;
  • solutions for training centers;
  • solutions for innovation centers;
  • space zoning.

For a manufacturing sector company that incorporates production facilities in several regions of Russia and other countries, its head office fulfills the function of a strategic management center. The headquarters should be organized on the principle of creating a space that is convenient for free circulation of knowledge and innovations and for teamwork of colleagues from different regions and countries. The head office is a balance between working zones for permanent employees, common areas for teamwork, temporary spaces for guests, trainings and meetings and receiving offices for partners and investors. Within many manufacturing companies, innovation and technology centers evolve. They, depending on the specifics, might need solutions similar to those for IT companies or laboratories.

Implemented projects: Siemens, Sony, Sun Interbrew, Syngenta, Total, TP Vision, Trumpf, Gazprom Neft, Bazovy Element Group, MMC Norilsk Nickel, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, RUSAL, Cargill, Schneider Electric

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Many manufacturing companies are public. Here, the organization of the working space is governed by the requirements of transparency, efficiency of investment and staff health concerns. For a public company, the corporate office can become an asset that has a direct influence on operating efficiency, which is positively perceived by both employees and investors. We offer not only fit-out services, but also all-round support, transforming the office from cost center into an asset contributing to the development of the company.